Tax Preparation Services

Our tax preparation service is a virtual service that allows us to provide a professional engagement with our clients while eliminating the non-productive wait time for the client as they watch their preparer key in their data in order to produce the tax return. In a typical situation, more time is spent preparing the return than evaluating the results and discussing ways to reduce the tax bill for the current year, based on the results of the prior year. We take a different approach.

We Are 100% Virtual

Virtual Meeting Long before Covid-19 we began working virtually. This has allowed us to serve clients throughout the United States and abroad. We took a unique stand to become available to our clients at their convenience from the comfort of their home or office and to utilize Zoom to its fullest to allow us to meet face-to-face with our clients … virtually, and to handle all of our transactions digitally.


Our Process

Initial Discovery Discussion

Consultation We begin each new client engagement with an initial discovery meeting. Either by phone, or preferably, via Zoom, we meet with our prospective clients to discuss their expectations and our ability to meet those expectations. Based on this initial discussion we can make a decision on whether there is a good fit between their needs and our abilities.

Gathering Initial Information

Tax Docs If it appears there is a fit between your needs and our ability to meet those needs, we proceed to the next step of our process. We ask you to furnish us with a copy of your most recent tax return and we ask you to complete a questionnaire that allows us to understand your needs better. All of this information is shared with us via a secure web-based platform.

Based on this information we will give you a fixed quote for your tax filings.

Beginning The Process

Based on our Discovery conversation and the insight we gained from your prior year’s tax return, we can provide you with a checklist of items we will need to complete your tax return. Our preferred method of gathering this information is through our secure dropbox. However, when necessary, we can make other arrangements to gather your important tax information using more traditional means.

We begin our Work

Over a decade of experience goes into every tax return. Learning to adapt to ever-changing tax law and opportunities for reducing our client’s tax liability is always at the forefront of our work.

Our expertise in preparing tax returns for entrepreneurs and a variety of entity types helps keep us focused on accurate and timely reporting of taxes. We attempt to use the wisdom my father taught me years ago … ‘Measure Twice and Cut Once.

Summary Report to You

After we have concluded our work with the data you have provided and validation of our assumptions. We send you a draft copy of the return, along with the tax outcome and a comparison of the current year and the prior year. This gives you an advance look at the results and an opportunity to ensure we have addressed all of the data you have sent us.

You Schedule Our Review

Once you have reviewed the summary, you can use our calendar system to schedule a review session to review the entire tax return, explain the calculations and rationale of the return, and then finalize the return. Zoom offers us an opportunity to securely review your documents, as well as interact with each other face-to-face. We also have the opportunity to gather banking information from you to expedite your refund (or your payment) and to make recommendations on changes you can make during the current year to reduce your taxes.

Digital Completion

We are able to complete the transaction online by having you electronically sign the documents that authorize us to file your tax return, as well as allowing you to pay your preparation fees electronically, as well.

Our preferred method of completion is via Zoom. However, we can also accommodate those who prefer to review their return over the telephone.