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There is a three-step process to provide you with the ProAuditGuard monitoring service.

Step 1 - Request Your Secure Portal

To begin the process you must request a client portal. Once you have completed this Portal Request, you will receive an invitation to accept your portal account. This portal will allow you to upload documents to us, email documents to us and receive information from us.Ā 

We have also employed a portal for your smartphone that will allow you to view documents and even scan and upload documents to us for your convenience and security.

Step 2 - Create Your Tax Information Authorization

In oder for us to access your IRS transcript date, we need to have access to your tax information. This authorization does not authorize us to represent you before the IRS or to execute any documents on your behalf. It simply allows us to get complete information on your liability and risk, based on accurate data directly from the IRS.

PLEASE NOTE: you will be able to complete this form online and then be able to download it and print it so you can sign it and upload it to your Portal. Additionally, if you are married, each of you will need to complete their own form.

Step 3 - Order Your ProAuditGuard Service

Once you have completed the first two steps in this process, you are ready to place your order for ProAuditGuardĀ®

PLEASE NOTE: It may take 7 to 14 days for us to gain access to your IRS records, due to processing times with the IRS. Once we have received access you will receive a summary report of your IRS account.