About TaxProEZ

TaxProEZ is committed to providing the highest level of quality service possible in the areas of tax planning, tax preparation, and tax resolution. As solo practitioners, By enhancing our skills through a network of skilled professionals in each area of practice, we bring the strength of a large firm, while maintaining the personal client relationship of a small firm.

Tax Advisory Service

TaxProEZ takes a different approach. We prefer to meet with our clients during the tax year to work alongside our clients to help guide them in making business decisions that can affect their tax liability. This helps us to avoid pointing out things the taxpayer could have done better if they understood the tax rules and regulations better. In short, TaxProEZ becomes your ‘Guide on the Side’ to help you navigate the world of tax.

Tax Preparation Service

Our tax preparation service is a virtual service that allows us to provide a professional engagement with our clients while eliminating the non-productive wait time for the client as they watch their tax preparer key in their data in order to produce the tax return. In a typical situation, more time is spent preparing the return than evaluating the results and discussing ways to reduce the tax bill for the current year, based on the results of the prior year. We take a different approach.

Tax Resolution Service

Our goal is to help you identify the best settlement option available to you, based on the amount you owe and your ability to pay. There are many options available for resolving your tax debt, including short-term options to allow you time to get through a difficult economic setback; long-term options to meet your tax obligations while meeting your other necessary living expenses; or some form of settlement option that allows you to pay an amount that matches the Reasonable Collection Potential without paying the IRS debt in full.