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"We launched our live webinars last year with a focus on Tax Resolution. This year we are in the process of identifying Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a variety of subject areas. We will offer additional webinars on Tax Resolution. However, we are actively recruiting SMEs in the area of Tax Law, Ethics, Tax Update, and Tax Practice. Since we began offering our webinars last year, we have received a number of requests for Continuing Education coursework focused on how to do Partnership Returns; Rental Returns; Clergy Returns; and more. We are actively recruiting Tax Professionals with a demonstrated skill in each of these areas to help equip you for next year, as well as meet your continuing education requirements.

Live webinars ...

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The Essentials
of Representation

2 Hours of CE Credit

June 22 ... 3:00 p.m. CDT


Webinar Description: Our webinar on 'The Essentials of Representation' deals with a practical aspects of transcript evaluation, client financial evaluation, and resolution alternatives for tax debt. We will also discuss some evaluation tools to assist you in your evaluation of client data.

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Cyber Security
Protecting Your Data

1 Hour of CE Credit

June 29 ... 3:00 p.m. CDT


Webinar Description: Cyber crime is on the increase in the tax office. Last year reflected a five-fold increase in the number of cyber breaches in tax offices. The impact of a breach in your security can cost you your entire practice in terms of financial cost, loss of reputation and erosion of your client base.