Our EA Boot Camps Are Now Available
On Demand to Allow You
to Meet The Demands of Your Busy Life!
And They Are Available on a Part by Part Basis

Whether you need help with one part or all three,
we have a plan to get you where you want to go.

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Our Partner

We have chosen to partner with Gleim for our Online Bootcamps this year. Gleim offers us the abilility to meet the educational needs of our clients, who are pursuing their Enrolled Agent credential, whether they need assistance with one part or all three. Gleim offers a collegiate-level course delivery and course monitoring system that allows TaxProEZ to better service our clients.

Our Process

The key to long-term memory formation is not the amount of time spent learning, but the amount of time between learning. By switching your learner’s brain cells “on” (during learning) and “off” again (during breaks), the learner’s unconscious has time to internalize the knowledge and the repetition results in long-term memories. Research has also shown that longer breaks between teaching sessions can result in longer-lasting memories. This is why week-long intensive sessions are less effective than systematic, disciplined learning over several weeks.

Our On Demand classes follow the same format as our online classes. The content and assignments in the Gleim Review System are divided out throughout the time period of the course to help our students allow the content to "soak in" prior to moving on to the next section of material. At the end of the course ... whether in a Live Course or an On Demand Course ... the student should be prepared to take the exam at their local Prometric Testing Center.

Important Note!

On Demand Session are available for access 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

There is a $50 discount for two parts and a $100 discount if you select all three parts of the Live Boot Camps! There is a $50 discount for purchasing Multiple Parts of the On Demand Boot Camps!

About our Boot Camps

Our On Demand Boot Camps allow you to work at your own pace and schedule. The content is delivered with two sections each week throughout a six-week period for Part 1; a seven-week period for Part 2; and a three-week period for Part 3. Each Boot Camp follows the same sequence: However, if this pace is too agressive for your schedule, you can spread the videos and online material out as long as necessary to meet your scheduleing demands. Each Part incorporates the following elements:

  • Pre-Recorded Orientation the week before the camp begins
  • Pre-Test to determine the most significant issues facing the class
  • 60 to 90 Minute Sessions with brief video sessions followed by online quizzes in the Gleim Professor-Led system.
Select your course from the choices below and you will receive access to the Premium Gleim EA Review System for the part(s) you select.

On Demand Boot Camps:

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Part Three

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